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mifold The Grab & Go Booster I Will Be Using

mifold The Grab & Go Booster I Will Be Using

There has been a lot of recent discussion in the news about Booster seats. What to use, what not to use, what the new law is and when it comes into effect. So why am I considering using the mifold the Grab & Go Booster which isn’t a high backed booster!

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This isn’t a post about what you can and can’t do, and it certainly isn’t a post about what you should do, but I did want to explain why I will be using the new mifold Grab & Go booster even though it isn’t a high backed booster!

I am going to be using these when we travel – and I will be using them a lot.

I took a recent 3 day trip to London from the Wirral via Kent with the twins aged 5.  We got a taxi to the train station in Liverpool and went on the train to London, changed trains and then got a train to Kent.  We then had to get a taxi from the railway station to the hotel.  The taxi in rural Kent didn’t have one car seat never mind two and I just wouldn’t have been able to carry car seats with me. I worried about the trip the whole time. I worried the night before, I worried on the train down and I worried the whole time they were in the taxi.

Since my eldest was born just over 6 years ago I have made car safety a main priority. They have always had the best car seats and I have obsessively strapped them in, however here I was in Kent with two 5 year olds in a standard Ford Escort with only adult seat belts!

Thankfully all was OK. Chances are it was always going to be, but whilst I knew I wasn’t breaking the law (you don’t have to use car seats in taxis) that wasn’t and isn’t the point is it. It’s about keeping my kids safe.

I know some people simply wouldn’t have taken the trip if they couldn’t have had a car seat, and I did seriously consider that, but we went, and we didn’t have a car seat, and I hated myself for it.

milfold - The Grab & Go Booster I Will be Using

Luckily, we now have 3 of  the mifold Grab-and-Go Booster® seats. mifold Grab-and-Go Booster® seats are the most advanced, compact and portable child restraint in the world and is now available in the UK (you can get the in John Lewis RRP £49.95), meaning we will now always have a safe solution for those journeys where a car seat is simply not available.

Very basically – check out their website for more info. Regular child restraints lift a child up to be in the position of an adult, whereas mifold does the exact opposite by holding the seatbelt down in a suitable position for a child. It’s that simple! With 3 belt guides, mifold adjusts the lap belt and shoulder strap to fit the child and accurately holds the seat belt on the hip bones and shoulder, offering the correct amount of restraint in case of impact. Taking less than 30 seconds to fit per child, mifold is safe, foldable and portable.

For me this will definitely not be a replacement for the high backed booster seats we use in our cars on a day to day basis but as the mifold is more than 10x smaller than a regular booster seat, we can easily pop 2 or 3 of them in our suitcase or backpacks when we travel. I could have packed these in the twins own backpacks for Kent quite happily as they are no heavier than a bottle of water.  Also despite its compact appearance the mifold is apparently very strong and sturdy so will not get damaged even if it ends up at the bottom of your suitcase. I’m yet to test this but will let you know!

milfold - The Grab & Go Booster I Will be Using

You can also fit 3-in-a-row across the back seats of the smallest of cars which makes it perfect for us as even when we go away and hire cars with booster seats, 3 never seem to fit properly across the back of the car.  We had this problem in Cyprus even though they tried very hard to fix it for us.

The mifold Grab-and-Go Booster® seats will also be a hit for those 8-12 year olds who refuse to sit on a booster seat, it is understated, slick and very discreet!

It seems a strange concept I know.  I was sceptical too as to how it works and why, but rather than me try and explain the how, what and why you can take a look at this video.

So in the future the mifold is going to be an essential for all our trips where we hire a car or head of on a journey involving trains and taxis !

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Why I will be using the mifold grab & go booster seat

NB: We have been kindly sent the mifolds for use but all views are my own.

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Jo @ Rejecting Routine

Friday 10th of March 2017

These look great, I'm so fed up of carrying bulky car seats! We have a travel one which doubles as a backpack but its still big to carry and I regretted taking it on our last trip. I still want them to be as safe as possible so this looks like a good option so thank you for posting!

Julia @ Rainbeaubelle

Friday 17th of February 2017

Great idea! They look really handy. My eldest I wouldn't worry about but Florence I would as she is still only three.


Friday 17th of February 2017

This is very thought provoking. It looks a great short term option when only an adult belt is available and definitely better than nothing!

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