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5 Reasons Mark Warner Holidays Are Worth It!

5 Reasons Mark Warner Holidays Are Worth It!
A guest post from Donna with 5 Reasons why Mark Warner Holidays are worth it!
A year ago I would love reading about other people’s Mark Warner breaks, watching their holiday videos and following their status updates. But, having only ever travelled abroad without children and only ever going to pretty standard all inclusive resorts I couldn’t understand why Mark Warner was in a much higher price bracket – for what seemed like less. Half or full board instead of my go-to all inclusive option.

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But, having now been on a Mark Warner family holiday I am a convert. I completely get Mark Warner and I’m not sure I’ll be satisfied with any other option whilst the children are young. Here are five reasons why I’m a complete Mark Warner convert:


This had to be my first reason. The childcare is incredible and that is why Mark Warner holidays cost more than a standard family holiday abroad. Athena and Troy were able to have a half day Mini Club session each day of our holiday included in the price and this was, without a doubt, the highlight of their holiday.

Athena and Troy had a ‘Nanny’ who stayed with them for their sessions. Each morning they spent doing a range of activities, each hour doing something new. Over the course of the week they learnt to sail, to windsurf and to paddle board and I will never be so proud as the moment I watched Athena, aged four, standing up, windsurfing.

There was also an evening movie club for the children, letting them watch a movie together and then have a big sleepover whilst Hubby and I had dinner together. We’d pick them up by 10pm each night and they loved it as much as Hubby and I appreciated the time together.

5 Reasons why Mark Warner Holidays are worth it

Food and Drink

Before going to Mark Warner‘s Lemnos resort I was worried that we would spend a fortune buying drinks and snacks as it was only full board and not all inclusive. But, in the end we only spent 100EUR extra – and that included a 44EUR boat trip!

The food is an all you can eat style buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are so many options available and we often were still full up from breakfast at lunchtime. Also, there was always fruit juice and water available with meals and wine was flowing for lunch and dinner – all included in the holiday price. The only thing we bought during the holiday were soft drinks by the pool and cocktails one night.

5 Reasons why Mark Warner Holidays are worth it

The Resort

Mark Warner have made it so that you don’t need to leave the resort unless you really want to. Lemnos is situated in a really beautiful bay, with incredible views and everything you need on site. We went for a week and didn’t feel the need to leave the resort but if we’d stayed for a fortnight we would have probably spent a day venturing out to a nearby town and sightseeing but we were perfectly happy staying in the resort.

5 Reasons why Mark Warner Holidays are worth it

Water Sports

Another major part of a Mark Warner holiday is the inclusive water sports on offer. Hubby and I could have learnt to sail, windsurf, paddle board or pretty much anything else that you can do in water. The amount of courses on offer was fantastic and there really was something for everyone at all abilities.

In the end, Hubby paid extra to fulfil a lifelong dream of getting PADI qualified – and he can now dive anywhere in the world. I’m not great with water but I pushed myself to take a kayak out – and I loved it. Mark Warner definitely inspires you to push your boundaries, try something new and do things you never even thought of doing before.

5 Reasons why Mark Warner Holidays are worth it


My favourite thing about Mark Warner was the balance it gave us. It gave us time as a family – time to relax, play in the pool or spend time on the waterfront. But, it gave the children time to be together and make new friends in Mini Club. And, it gave Hubby and I time together, to have dinner, play card games as the sun set and just talk and enjoy each other’s company. It gave us all time to do the things we wanted to do but also gave us time as a family and all of that time was quality time and the perfect balance for a family holiday abroad.

5 Reasons why Mark Warner Holidays are worth it

The whole week was incredible for both the children and us ad it has really changed our perspective of Mark Warner holidays. It is now obvious to us what you pay for when you book with MarkWarner and for us it was worth every penny. We’re already planning our next Mark Warner break for next summer!

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Thursday 3rd of August 2017

Pretty impressive, wind surfing is really tricky. I wish I learned it at a young age too.

A Mum Track Mind

Saturday 29th of October 2016

This sounds perfect! Will have to have a look at their packages! Thanks for the recommendation x

Happy Mummy

Friday 28th of October 2016

The Mark Warner Breaks look amazing! So much to do (& eat!). It is definitely on my 'to do' list! x

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