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Large Village House, Uzes, France

This lovely post is about the second week of  Heledd’s family holiday in Provence and is once again full of beautiful photographs. If you enjoy this post you can read Heledd’s blog Running in Lavender by clicking here or follow her on twitter @HeleddLavender

After spending two beautiful nights in the deep Provence countryside, we moved on to an 18th Century village house, just outsides Uzes. This house had 4 bedrooms (yeah, I know a bit over the top but it was great to have space for the girls to run around), 2 bathrooms, a large living space, a kitchen, a balcony and a private pool. In short it was perfect!


We literally couldn’t believe our luck when we arrived, it was beautiful and so massive! I’d seen picture on the AirBnB website but they really didn’t do it  justice.


The kitchen was such a dream to cook in. Normally I like going out to eat when we’re on holiday but having two little ones means that this can be a bit of a chore, especially at night time when they’re tired. So staying in was so much easier and it meant we could spend more time in this beautiful house. Plus I get a funny kick out of using a new kitchen, it feels like playing ‘house’ – if you know what I mean?

For breakfast Dom and Lili would drive over to the local bakery (or boulangerie) while Poppy and I snugged in bed, which meant we had fresh croissants ever morning.


We were staying in the heart of the Provence countryside and it was just as you’d imagine, full of fields of grape vines and sunflowers, beautiful sandstone buildings with grey shutters and vineyards galore! Obviously having the girls with us meant that a vineyard tour was out but we did come across the Haribo museum, which was a big hit!


The town of Uzes is old and so typically French that I felt like we were walking around in an old French movie. Everywhere I looked was a new picture opportunity, a beautiful building, an antique shop, a pretty little coffee shop, a walled garden, a medieval tower – the list went on and on. They had a market on Wednesday morning, which was a real treat and inspired us to have a picnic in the park.


My personal favourite thing about Uzes was all the gorgeous French antique shops, they were just amazing! I literally could have spent all day going from one to another but of course the girls were not as interested, so I had to make do with the odd quick peep.


I’m already looking forward to going back to Provence next year!

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