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Jo Jo Maman Bebe Sun Hat and Ponchos

JoJo Flap Sunhat

Having never taken a child abroad before I was keen to ensure that my baby was going to be well protected from the sun at all times. She was kept in the shade the majority of the time, but we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of getting her in the pool every day. This hat was a huge blessing for that. Her little head was covered at all times, it fit snugly and stayed where it needed to be as it has an elasticated back so will adjust for the headsize of the baby. The brim isn’t too big, but keeps the sun from her eyes when she’s busy splashing about and the flap covers the back of her neck. It dried in a jiffy so was great to use both in and out the pool. Plus the fact it has a teeny tiny cute little bow at the edge of the brim that made me smile every time I looked at it!

JoJo Towelling Poncho

After our daily swim I was very conscious of keeping the baby in the shade and her not getting too cold to quickly. I found that when immediately stripped off and a clean dry nappy was on she could dry off really nicely wearing this poncho. After a bath she can get rather grumpy when being towelled off and changed, so this was a perfect alternative. The poncho kept her warm, she still was able to sit and play whilst drying off and the hood was great to dry off her hair. I was really pleased we had this with us and she very much enjoyed sitting about wearing it after her little swim. At almost 6 months I was unsure it it would feel too large for her, but it was great and I can see her using it after swimming now we are home to try and cut down on that grumpy post swim time.

NB: Andrea was sent the items by Jo Jo for the purpose of this review but all opinions are her own.

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