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In the Night Garden – Live Show

It was with some trepidation we set off to watch the In the Night Garden Live Show.

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I mean I try to avoid actually watching the television programme with all the funny noises, and character names I will never remember, but this was to be a full 55 minutes with nowhere to escape.

In the end I loved it, and I loved it because they absolutely loved it. They danced, sang, shouted with excitement and looked so thrilled to be there that I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Mini Travellers - In the Night Garden - Live Show

The show we went to see was 10am at the Trafford Centre. The first clever thing about the show is that it takes place in purpose built domes. In our case in a shopping centre overflow car park. So no issue with parking and no issue with having to walk too far to get to the theatre as you can park right outside and wander in.

Mini Travellers - In the Night Garden - Live Show

The girls squealed with excitement just seeing the posters outside. We arrived just before 9.30 and headed into the domes with our tickets. It was very well organised and we were put into lines so that we went into the stage and seating itself in the order you got there.   There is no allocated seating, and whilst this is usually just a way of saying free for all, it actually worked really well because when you got inside it wasn’t actually that big so all the seats had a great view of the stage. You could have paid for VIP which was the first three rows but at £10 extra a ticket, when the tickets were £14.50 each anyway it really wasn’t worth it (in my humble opinion).

The seats are just deep steps all the way round the stage. Meaning it’s a bit difficult to save seats for the rest of your party like we were trying to do, but does mean the kids have plenty of room to dance around in front of you which they are encouraged to do, copying Iggle Piggle etc

Before the show started there was lots of people selling pretty expensive ITNG toys but mine didn’t seem to notice and didn’t ask for any. I think they were too mesmerised by the lights that were showing on the ceiling and the music that was playing. The loud speaker kept counting down, 5 minutes to go, 4,3,2,1 etc and the kids were bound themselves by the time it started. Even shouting 0 minutes to go.

I had expected a 6ft Iggle piggle to appear on stage immediately and terrify at least one of mine, but they really do know what they are doing and that didn’t happen, they actually introduced the large characters slowly so the kids weren’t overwhelmed. When the 6ft Iggle Piggle did arrive I didn’t hear any tears.

The show was just the right length as by the time the 55 minutes was nearly up, the noise level in the dome had definitely increased. Toilet trips had increased and attention was just about starting to wane in our party of 5 under 4. The other upside to the stepped seating with wide aisles is that it’s very easy to get toddlers out to the toilet quickly. The toilets also had toddler toilet seats on which was a nice touch.

All practicalities aside all 5 the mini travellers in our party had a fantastic time and the smiles below say it all. Hubby and I also loved it as we just enjoyed watching the girlies smile and dance in wonder of the stars on stage. I can’t say I am an ITNG convert, but I would definitely take them to the show next year. We may even pay to meet the characters next year and have our photo taken!

Mini Travellers - In the Night Garden - Live Show

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Mini Travellers - In the Night Garden - Live Show

Mini Travellers - In the Night Garden - Live Show

Mini Travellers - In the Night Garden - Live Show


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