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Holiday Luggage for Travelling with Kids

Holiday Luggage for Travelling with Kids

Find our complete collection of reviews for suitcases, hand luggage, baby carriers, car seats, strollers and more here!

Luggage for adults

So here are a few things (Essentials – well ish…) that I choose to pack to make my trip feel that little bit more luxurious. If I take these things on holiday with me then I feel like I am having a luxury trip even if I am holidaying with the kids!

Thule Subterra collection offers a variety of luggage, duffel bags, backpacks, and more. Their collection is stylish, practical, simple, and built to last. Here we review the Thule Subterra Luggage 70cm/28.

Described on their website as ‘Very very light but seriously strong’.  These bags are also seriously striking. They have a soft grip long aluminium handle that is easy to pull out of the bag to pull around.  The wheels have a 360 degree swivel on them which make them really easy to pull, and all 3 of our girls were actually able to pull them.

Key features of these 8 wheel 360 degree technology cases are that they are super lightweight, have smooth roller wheels, an improved stability, easy handling, glides by your side, to create hassle free travelling for high end travel.

These Constellation Luggage sets are absolutely stunning and positively girlie!  I love them,  Luckily there are four girly girls in our house, and only one of the boy variety! Not sure how happy Hubby is going to be pulling these!

The Osprey Transporter is described on Osprey’s website as: built for the long haul; a lightweight, gear hauling, duffel companion which packs down small but holds all you could need. Sounds perfect!

The Baby Case which is a large hold-all style bag. On one end is a detachable rucksack/change bag which can incorporate into it a cool bag. At the other end there is a large top opening pocket in which we kept the matching wash bag in.  When I say large, it was very large and took us by surprise at first (wheels might help to pull it!). However once the equivalent in boxes and bags from before was stacked up next to it, it suddenly seemed a very reasonably sized bag.

Review | Lowepro Camera Bag with Wheels - Photostream
Lowepro Photostream Camera Bag with Wheels

As travel bloggers we take a LOT of camera kit away with us on our travels and the biggest nightmare is always airport security.  The value and necessity for it all to arrive safe and sound makes it imperative that the bag containing all the camera kit arrives with you when you land.

I wanted a bag that would fit in my laptop, my camera and and additional lens.I ended up plumping for the Hanborough in tan! She’s beautiful.

Redland Smart Bags are a stylish collection of backpacks with built-in battery, USB port and host of security and organisational features so you can be efficient and connected even when on the go… 

This bag is packed as my hand luggage for our 14 nights in Malawi and it not only has room for everything, but it looks super stylish too. Mia Tui means ‘my bag’ in Vietnamese and the range has been designed for multi-tasking Mums. It is I would say the perfect hand luggage.

When planning for our son to arrive in 2012 I spent a lot of time looking at changing bags… which one offered the best storage? Which one looked the nicest? And which one was the ‘one to have’?! That’s when I came across the Pacapod range. It was new onto the market and offered a more organised and functional solution than other I had seen. So I was sold!

I was recently sent a Pacapod Lite Idaho changing bag to test and review. The bag itself is very spacious. I’ve not struggled at all to fit a days worth of stuff in for my new baby, as well as for his two older brothers and all of the random stuff they need to be able to get through the day.

Cuddledry Baby & Me washbag review | Mini Travellers
Cuddledry Baby & Me Wash Bag

How is it possible that someone so small requires so much ‘stuff’?! So I was delighted when Cuddledry sent us the Baby and Me washbag to test on our trip.

The three-fold bag is well-made and quite flat for storage when empty. It’s in a lovely, pretty print but practical in that it is wipe clean on the outside. There is a large, removable PVC pocket for shampoos, making it easy to remove that section to take down for showering at the pool. The sections inside are all clear, so you can see immediately what is in which pocket. It has a hook to hang in the bathroom, but rather than a flimsy fabric thing that has a tendancy to drop off, this is a proper metal hook. It looks and feels like a good quality bag, that will last.

Luggage for kids

Here we review the pros and cons of the kids taking a wheelie suitcase against a rucksack, so read on to see what we thought.

LittleLife Kids Wheelie Suitcase Bag Review | Luggage for Kids
LittleLife Kids Wheelie Suitcase

What could make three girls day more, than a delivery of pink Disney Princess themed luggage and games? This is what happened the day before our trip to Greece and previously packed rucksacks were unpacked and discarded in favour of these SAMBRO Disney Princess themed wheely bags.

The Ultimate Disney Collection by Samsonite consists of backpacks, wallets, toilet kits, suitcases and a pencil case, making sure children are fully prepared for underwater fun with their favourite fishy Disney friend.

Midi Flyte Scooter
Midi Flyte Scooter

Ideal for both practical and playful uses, Midi Flyte is a safe and sturdy scooter, a swift pull-along trolley and a compact piece of cabin sized luggage all in one.

When the lovely people at Skip Hop asked if we would like to use some of their travel products on our recent Half Term holiday I didn’t hesitate.  I have seen kids with these beautiful backpacks in the past and knew my girls would love them.  I also wanted to try out their neck pillows as if I can do anything to help the kids to be comfortable on a flight then I will, and if it encourages sleep then all the better.

Shortly before we left on our holiday we were sent some beautiful personalised Luggage tags by You can currently choose from over ten different designs and have your children’s full name on there or just their first name. At just £9 I think they make a lovely gift or just a really nice treat for your kids before you go away.

Baby Carriers

We got offered the chance to test run the new and improved BabyBjörn One & One Air Carrier. It has been developed to be ‘hip-healthy’, the only thing holding me back from using our older carrier. See what we thought of the new BabyBjörn One Carrier here.

Tula Free to Grow is an ergonomic buckle type of baby carrier that can be used from 7-45lbs without adding an infant insert like most carriers. It works by having three width and two height settings to allow for your growing baby.

Tula Free to Grow Coast is an ergonomic lightweight buckle type of baby carrier that can be used from 7-45lbs without adding an infant insert like most carriers.

Travel Tips: Freeloader Child Carrier
Freeloader Child Carrier

The Freeloader Child Carrier is specifically designed to support carrying children aged 2 1/2 and upwards on your back. The maximum carrying weight is 80 pounds/36kg. However, our six year old is only 20kg so I would estimate it could last you for quite a while!

Baby Wearing!  With my first child (now 6!) I had never even heard of the term ‘baby wearing’. However, 5 years on, pregnant with my second, the phrase seemed to be popping up everywhere! So what did we think of the Amazonas Ring Sling?

This post will give you honest reviews on a whole host of different carriers from wraps and slings to toddler carriers.

Other Luggage Items


A Bundle Bed described simply is a clever, roll-out bed with a self-inflating mattress; fully waterproof protective outer layer; comfortable luxury bedding and buckles to hold it all together. With a purpose-made double sheet you can transform two single Bundle Beds into a portable double bed too.

A review of a new sort of travel cot. The design of the BabyHub Sleep Space is not like a typical travel cot, it is wider on the bottom and has a smaller square top with 4 poles extending to a central point.  See what we thought about it in this post.

What they are going to sleep in is generally the biggest issue as you cannot take the Moses basket or in my case, a wooden rocking crib! I also think a new born is too small for the standard playpen style travel cots.This is where the Chicco Lullago Travel Crib seemed ideal.

Excited much? Me? I could squeal like a pig in muck over the cool, new SpaceCot. This fabulous product boasts that it can be assembled in three seconds. Yes, you read that right: three seconds

The Sleepyhead Grand is a unique multi-functional stage 2 pod, which makes the Sleepyhead a complete sleep system. It is aimed at children aged 8-36 months (the Sleepyhead Deluxe is also available for babies aged 0-8months). The pod doubles up as a lounger, for sleeping and is fantastic to use whilst travelling. This is the product for those babies/children who love a sense of security of being surrounded and snug.

Travel Tips: Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod Review
Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod

Despite being less enclosed than her usual positioner, she seemed to immediately feel safe and secure. The sides provide reassurance but are low enough that it is airy whilst they sleep. Being slightly larger in size there was space for her to move, stretch and even grow.

So what is the Ergo Pouch Sleeping Bag? An organic cotton sleep suit that can be converted into a sleeping bag with legs, perfect for walkers or moving baby to a car seat.

I have been using baby sleeping bags ever since my eldest was born 8 years ago. I love the simplicity of them and the lack of worry about blankets ending up over faces or kicked off. The Slumbersac has taken this one step further and also includes sleeves, which I’ve not seen on a sleeping bag before.

The SkyBaby travel mattress is meant to be used when flying with a baby and is suitable from birth upwards.  It’s 56cm long and just under 30cm wide when folded around baby.

Are you going camping at a family festival this year? Are you wondering what sleeping bags might work best for your family? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite sleeping bags for festivals that will be loved by both kids and grown ups to!

Travel Snugs Perfect for Long Haul
Travel Snug

If you are travelling long haul with young children then you need a travel snug in your life. Don’t debate them, just incorporate them into the cost of your flight tickets: they are fantastic, snuggly, and really helped my kids sleep on our recent flights to Florida.


All parents know an active toddler can be a little challenging at meal times so we were keen to review the Apramo Flippa dining booster seat.

The LapBaby is one of those non-essential baby items that just makes life a little easier for you (which is always welcome when you have a new baby!).

Travel and Everyday Car Seats

There has been a lot of recent discussion in the news about Booster seats. What to use, what not to use, what the new law is and when it comes into effect. So why am I considering using the mifold the Grab & Go Booster which isn’t a high backed booster.

CarGo Seat is a children’s car booster seat that converts into a rolling suitcase.

CarGo Seat: Travelling With Kids Is About To Get Easier!
CarGo Seat

The importance of using the right car seats can never be overlooked.  Whether you are using the car for a day trip, a holiday or just a trip to the shops, it is important to keep your children as safe as they can be. 

At RRP of £180 (exclusively available from Mothercare) the Britax Kidfix is the most expensive car seat we have.   It can be installed in your car using either the car’s seat belt or with the ISOFIT connectors. In summary the Britax Car Seat is a great addition to our car. It is sturdy and safe, and the big plus for my daughters – it that it is comfortable. Highly recommended.

At RRP of £149 the Joie Every Stage Booster it is quite expensive, but if we had bought this when the children were babies, and not had to pay for the other two car seats we have had before, then it would be a total bargain as the seat is designed to be used from birth until 7.

At RRP of £120, the Diono booster is more expensive than your average booster set, but then it does so much more.  As a Group 2/3 High Back Booster seat it fits your children from 4-12 years old.

Strollers and Accessories

We recently went to Paris for our first city break with 3 Kids and a lightweight stroller for travel was definitely an essential for us so we packed the Diono Traverze Stroller and this is our review.

Silver Cross Avia Stroller| Review
Silver Cross Avia Stroller

We recently put the Silver Cross Avia Stroller through its paces at Cornbury Festival and it proved to be a nifty little ride.

What is it? Well, it’s a brilliant and very cleverly designed travel bag to protect your buggy. The PramPack is so fab to use for aeroplane travel (or indeed any form of travel where you are concerned that your precious stroller may get damaged) as it protects your pram when it gets stowed on board the aircraft.

Review: Cozigo for Babies to Sleep on the Go

I can honestly say we used the Cozigo on a daily basis and even discovered it can be used as a sun tent on the beach – perfect considering the UV protection it offers. It attracted a lot of attention when we used it and the odd jealous look from other parents on the plane… it is definitely coming everywhere from now on!

I am in love. Not just with my husband (puke), my little girl and my two Labradors (aww) but now with my new travel wrap. It is absolutely fabulous. It is so easy to use, looks cute and provides warmth and cosiness for your little bundle. 

The 7 AM Enfant Car Seat Wrap has a universal fit for any car seat and has very easy instructions to follow for installation. There are even pictures to explain how to wrap your child in the blanket – great for numpties like me (who knew baby brain was an actual thing?!). The wrap is designed to keep your little one warm and cozy in the car and, above all, safe.

Review: Lullaby Shade for Buggies
Lullaby Shade for Buggies

The Lullaby Shade caught my eye as it combines two things we have used as sleep aids for our baby; darkness and background sounds.  Does the Lullaby Shade for Buggies work?

Our week away in Majorca was set to be sunny. Yey! Time to try out the NSA 3-in-1 All Weather Protector. This product’s marketing material boasts that it is compatible with most car seats and travel systems. Well, it certainly worked with our MaxiCosi car seat and, honestly, it is so easy to use that it almost popped itself on there!! 

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