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Electric Bike Review | E-Trends Trekker E-Bike

Electric Bike Review | E-Trends Trekker E-Bike

We didn’t know that we needed an electric bike until we got one. Now we wouldn’t be without it and here’s why.

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I saw ‘we’ in the above sentence but having been sent this for review Mr Mini Travellers appears to have claimed ‘our’ electric bike, the E-Trends Trekker bike, for himself and now uses it 2-3 times a week.

This mountain bike model means he can use it to travel to work but he can also enjoy off-road cycling at the weekend with friends. It’s allowed him to go on significantly longer bike rides than he might have chosen to before, and dare I say to keep up with some slightly fitter friends (sorry Matt) it also allows him to challenge himself with longer hillier routes too.

Things that I love about E-Trends Trekker E-Bike

  • Getting up hills
  • Easily changing the seat height depending on who is using it
  • Easy to clean
  • Fun to cycle
  • Less effort if you need that
  • Not having to get changed after every cycle
  • Interested looks when you pass someone on the bike!
  • An electric bike gives you more options, meaning you don’t have to say no to things you might otherwise have done.

Is the electric bike heavy?

Most people when you say you’ve got an electric bike immediately ask if it’s heavy? The answer has to be yes, it is heavier than an ordinary bike would be, at 22 kg it’s almost 10kg heavier than mine. It’s got a battery pack to add to its weight and other additions that non electric bikes don’t need. BUT once you get going on the bike you don’t really notice the weight until you have to stop.

It’s heaviness does mean it suits Matt better than me as he can manage the weight easier when its stationary, but I have done 26 miles on it, so I can cope and utterly love it for the hills. For me it just means that I need the power on a little more on the flat than Matt does.

Electric Bike Review | E-Trends Trekker E-Bike

Is the electric bike easy to use?

Yes it really is. When it arrived I was a little nervous of it, it’s quite big and a has a battery to fit and the battery display to consider, but I had literally only been on it for less than a minute before I knew how it worked.

Basically if you change down a gear and start to go up a hill it will give you a boost, and if you manually decide you need a boost all you need to do is press the button on the handle bar to go up or down and off you go. That’s it.

How long does it last?

It’s more about distance than length of time and it has a maximum range of 30 miles if you have it on all the time, but I’d suggest that you probably won’t need to, meaning you might get longer out of it.

Is the E-Trends Trekker E-Bike expensive?

The Trekker has a budget price-tag (£1,199, this is at the low-end for an off-road electric bike) albeit still dearer than a ordinary bike.

Anything you don’t like about the E-Trends Trekker E-Bike?

The main criticism is that you don’t have any power when you start off. You need to turn the wheels a little to get it started. This is obviously fine if you start on the flat but if you get mid way up a hill and then have to start it again – like at the top of a hill into a junction, then it’s a bit of a struggle to turn the pedals enough to get it going. With some other electric bikes I’ve tried, the engine kicks in as soon as you start turning the pedals. For the price tag though its a really really good buy.

Are there any other options in the range?

Yes currently E-Trends do two other types of e-bike. The City Bike and the Fly.

You can read a review of the E-Trends City Bike here.


  • Adjustable leather saddle
  • 7-speed Shimano gears with R:7S Rove shifter and derailleur
  • Disk brakes
  • 17.7-inch aluminium alloy frame with steel forks
  • 27.5-inch wheels with double wall aluminium alloy rims
  • Suitable for riders up to 120kgs / 264 lbs
  • Size: 178cm x 60cm x 108cm / 70″ x 24″ x 43.5″
  • Weight: 22 kg / 49 lbs
  • 36V*7.5AH Lithium ion removable/lockable battery
  • Recharge time of 4-5 hours
  • 250W motor
  • 3 Pedal power-assist modes and 6km/h pushing mode
  • LED battery display (check this)
  • Range of 30 miles (dependent on terrain, style of riding, weight carried and level of assist)
  • Assistance provided up to 15.5 mph / 25 km/h
  • Battery warranty: 2 Years / 700 charges (battery must be fully charged at least once a month).

*dependent on terrain, style of riding, weight carried and level of assist.

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