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It’s a bit of a minefield when trying to work out which drinks package to book for my next cruise. In fact I probably spend far too many hours searching for the right Drinks Packages. If it’s the Celebrity Cruises Classic Drink’s Package 2023-2024 you’re interested in, keep reading.

What Are The Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages Available And How Much Are They?

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  • Classic Drink Package, $89 per day, plus 20% gratuities.
  • Premium Drink Package, $109 per person per day, plus 20% gratuities.
  • Zero Proof Drink Package (Premium Non-Alcoholic Drink Package), $30 per person per day, plus 20% gratuities.

Is the Celebrity Cruises Classic Drink’s Package Worth The Money?

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I would say yes. However it does depend on how much you drink and saying this I do not mean alcoholic drinks only. But also speciality coffees, fountain sodas, mocktails and water. It does also offer a large selection of classic cocktails, many favourite wines

People often associate the drinks packages with alcohol. When in fact if you are ordering a variety of drinks though-out the day “alcoholic and non alcoholic” then a drinks package could well be the most economical way to do this.

The menus onboard are very clear so you are able to understand what you can, and can-not order on the classic drinks package.

The Non Alcoholic Zero Proof Celebrity Cruises Drink’s Package

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The Non Alcoholic Zero Proof Drinks Package is Celebrities’ premium non-alcoholic package costs $30.00 per person, per day plus 20% gratuities/service charge.

This replaces the soda package but offers more choice, and in many cases can be packaged to be included in your cruise fare which takes the stress of thinking about additional costs once you are on your cruise vacation. 

The Zero Proof Package Includes

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  • Premium bottled water from Evian, Perrier, San Pellegrino, & Panna
  • Specialty Coffees
  • Organic Teas
  • Red Bull Energy Drink
  • Frozen Smoothies
  • Zero Proof Cocktails
  • Coca-Cola And Fizzy Drink Selections
  • Vitamin Water and Premium Water
  • Aqua Spa Fresh Juice
  • Bottled Iced Teas

How Much Is The Classic Drinks Package

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The Alcoholic Classic Drinks Package costs $89.00 per person, per day plus 20% gratuities which includes all alcoholic drinks up to $10. Including beers, Wine, spirits, wide selection of cocktails and premium coffee and tea.

What Beers Are Included In The Celebrity Classic Drinks Package

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If beer is your thing the Classic drinks package offers a wealth of options. You will find the following beers in your classic drinks package;

  • Budweiser
  • Bud Light
  • Coors Light
  • Corona
  • Franziskaner
  • Heineken
  • Kirin
  • Kirin Light
  • Miller Lite
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Moretti
  • Newcastle Brown Ale
  • Strongbow Cider

Classic Beverage Package Spirits Included

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  • Gin; Beefeater, Gordon’s, Praire Gin.
  • Rum; Bacardi, Bacardi and flavors, Captain Morgan’s, Malibu, Myer’s, Wray & Nephew.
  • Tequilas: Don Julio Blanco, Teremana Blanco.
  • Vodkas: Tito’s, Absolut and flavors, New Amsterdam, Smirnoff.
  • Whiskeys; Dewar’s White Label, Famous Grouse, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker Red, Monkey Shoulder, Seagram’s VO.
  • Liqueurs and Cognacs: Campari, Galliano, Hennessy VS, Kahlua, Licor 43, Ouzo, Sambuca Romana, Southern Comfort, Tia Maria
  • A large selection of wines from various regions around the world, including California, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Chile, and Australia.
  •  A wide selection of cocktails.

How Much Are Drinks On Celebrity Cruises?

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Here is a list of 2023 bar prices onboard Celebrity Cruises. For more drinks prices check out our Ultimate Guide To Celebrity Drinks Packages.

  • Stella Artois $10, Guinness $8, Red Stripe $7, Estrella Damm $9
  • Strongbow $8, Angry Orchard $7
  • Chardonay $7, $9, Sauvignon Blanc $9
  • Grey Goose $11
  • Brut Rose $9, Prosecco $9
  • Tempranillo $9
  • Frozen Daiquiri $9, Mint Chocolate Martini $12, French Caribbean $9
  • Coke and other soft drinks $4, Zero Proof Water Tropic $5
  • Cappuccino $5, Earl Grey $5

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