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Wonderful Family Holiday in Cavtat, Croatia

I love travelling and took my eldest on some pretty adventurous trips when she was younger including Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Japan. However, I now have 2 children and remember that I felt like I was wrestling a crocodile for the entire flight, the last time I travelled with my youngest sitting on my lap!

So, I decided that we should go to Croatia. I’d heard that it was pretty and the 2.5hr journey seemed bearable.

I booked an apartment as I prefer this when travelling with children as:
1) you have some space to use if they have a nap, rather than being stuck in a hotel room with them.
2) you can eat at a time that suits your family. I often find that you can struggle to eat dinner early abroad, or eat breakfast at the crack of dawn!
3) you’ve got other rooms to relax in during the evening, once the children are in bed. Otherwise it can be a very long night if you’re stuck in a family hotel room from 7pm until the morning!
The agent from Croatian Villas met me at the Car park in Cavtat and walked with me to the apartment. She even walked back to the car with me to help me with my bags!
The apartment itself was great, it was within the pedestrianised old town, with an amazing view of the harbour. The old town is full of restaurants/cafes/ice-cream shops and has 2 supermarkets, 2 little playgrounds, small beaches and regular boat services to local islands, Dubrovnik etc
Pretty doesn’t even begin to describe it. Croatia is beautiful! Cavtat is very relaxed and incredibly friendly. It’s much smaller than Dubrovnik and therefore less busy, so great for family travel, particularly if you’re travelling on your own with small children. The locals adored my children and despite us only being there for 6 days I felt like we’d known them for much longer. The only slight downside of the apartment that I’d booked were the steps leading up to it and that it was on the third floor. However, the locals helped me with the buggy on many an occasion and it was a small price to pay for the view.
You can catch a boat across to Dubrovnik (approx 30 mins) if you want to visit. It saves worrying about parking, the boats run regularly and the kids love it!
We also caught a boat to the beautiful Elafiti islands Kolocep, Šipan and Lopud. It’s an all day trip, with food on board the boat, opportunities to swim in the Adriatic Sea, relax on white-sandy beaches and see medieval churches.
In Cavtat you can walk along the stunning coastal path around the Rat peninsula, exploring the small beaches along the way. Or you can walk up to Racic family mausoleum, for wonderful views of Dubrovnik.
I really can’t recommend Croatia enough. Great weather, lovely people, stunning landscape, good food and a short flight!
NB: Thanks to Deborah for sending this guest post in, just because she wanted to share her wonderful trip with you all.

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