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Last weekend me and the girls spent a few hours at a rave in Liverpool. There was a DJ (who I think probably performed at Cream or the Hacienda back in the day) cans of Red Stripe, banging music and lots of smiles; the only difference was that the girls I referred to were 5, 4 and 4, not 18 and the rave was on a Sunday afternoon rather than a Saturday night!

This was a rave with a difference. This was a rave put on by Big Fish Little Fish events who put on similar events across the country and this was their launch event in Liverpool at Constellations.

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As a venue Constellations fits the bill. It’s a warehouse style events space that is reminiscent of Cream or the Hacienda (although a bit prettier if I’m honest). It is a quirky space, if that doesn’t make me sound 80 rather than nearly 40.  There is an outside area which on Sunday was beautiful as the sun was shining and the main events space is separated into three areas – on Sunday the three areas were the Main Dance room, the Craft area and the Baby room! Not the same space separation on a Saturday night I imagine.


We arrived just after 2pm to a queue of kids in party dresses and underwater themed fancy dress. The theme for the opening event was Under and Over the Sea and there were mermaids queueing with pirates, queueing with fish.  We didn’t queue long though before we made our way into the dance space, kids complete with glow bracelets.


As with many events such as this face painting is the order of the day. Thankfully we joined the queue before it got very big, and whilst the face painting was excellent, thanks Fabaroony Face Painting, I think the organisers may want to make it slightly less impressive to get through more kids quicker.  Some of the face paints were a work of art and by the time we were leaving the queue it was pretty long.



Face painting (£3.50 per child) done it was time to make crowns and get princess tattoos.  The craft table was free and plentiful and set out on long benches with various members of the Big Fish Little Fish team round to help when the kids got stuck.  My eldest could have stayed at the craft bench all afternoon, in fact I think she mostly did.  One of my other three wanted to be dancing at the heart of the rave, right in front of the DJ (like Mother like Daughter) and the other wanted to be right at the back as she thought it was too noisy. Herein causing a slight difficulty. It was definitely an event that would have been easier with a 1 adult 1 child ratio as when it is dark and there are lots of people it is fairly difficult to spot check the kids.  That being said we didn’t actually lose any of the 7 children we had between three adults and we all had a brilliant time.

The event ended with a large parachute which the adults held up and the kids danced under. My ‘right in front of the DJ daughter’ absolutely loved this, whilst the others took the opportunity to colour in a large piece or art work at the back of the room. You can just see my little one in the purple and white at the front!


For me it was a fun afternoon spent chatting with friends and listening to some new and old dance music.  Definitely fun and definitely to be repeated. I may just drag my hubby along too for extra eyes.

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