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Travel Tips: The Baby Case

The Baby Case is truly fantastic! Let me explain… We often travel with our kids, mainly weekend breaks to see family but occasionally on longer holidays.

For all the enjoyment of quality time away there is the inevitable packing and unpacking that can consume hours of my time and always leads to hubby saying the same old “How long do you think we’re going away for, a month?” Or, “Have you got the kitchen sink in?”
One of the main problems seems to be the number of bags or boxes that are necessary just for a little baby – a bag for clothes, shoes, towels, cot sheet and sleeping bag, a box for nappies, wipes, change mat, toiletries and medicines, a box for milk powder, baby food, bottles and steriliser, baby monitor, toys, swim nappies, inflatable swim ring….. And so it goes on.
This led us to deciding to try the Baby Case which is a large hold-all style bag for our week away self-catering in Wales. When I say large, it was very large and took us by surprise at first (wheels might help to pull it!). However once the equivalent in boxes and bags from before was stacked up next to it, it suddenly seemed a very reasonably sized bag.
On one end is a detachable rucksack/change bag which can incorporate into it a cool bag. We used this to pack the food, milk powder and bottles for our holiday. The other end there is a large top opening pocket in which we kept to the toiletries/medicines in a matching wash bag. The main compartment has in it two trays that you can divide up into different compartments for different items of clothes. We decided to put all the clothes and fabric items on the slightly deeper bottom layer and all the other bits on the top layer.
This is a genius system – easy to pack up at home as the layers can be taken out of the bag and laid side by side. It’s even easier to unpack on arrival as the trays came straight out of the bag and fitted into the drawers in the baby’s room! If you were camping they could be easily arranged on the floor or just kept in the bag. There is a large padded change mat that is made by unzipping the lid and a handy smaller mat which we used out on day trips. There is also a useful bag that hangs in a wardrobe to store small items of clothes which we used to arrange dark and light washing!
We fitted everything in that we needed for the week away (all in the above list and more), with no additional bags or boxes, see photos. I wish we’d had this bag when our older kids were babies, but we are now thinking that we are going to get them one each anyway because I can see us getting a great deal of use of of the Baby Case for many years to come!
by Emma Phillips of Fuelled by Latte

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  • Reply
    17th July 2015 at 1:51 pm

    Wow that is fantastic and what a great idea 🙂 Love this. So practical too. I need that in my life!! Jess x

  • Reply
    17th July 2015 at 2:59 pm

    This bag is amazing, do they do them in plain colours for adults things too?!!

  • Reply
    17th July 2015 at 7:25 pm

    This is fantastic but would be even better if it doubled as a Moses type baby bed

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