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How to Avoid the Holiday from Hell when Travelling with the Kids

How to Avoid the Holiday from Hell when Travelling with the Kids

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Spending time away with the family is one of the most rewarding things you can do – but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. If you want to avoid a nightmarish trip when heading away with the kids, make sure to follow our tips. 

  1. Keep the kids entertained

The easiest way to avoid a holiday from hell is by keeping the little ones happy at all times. While you might have to negotiate a compromise to get them to do what you want to do most of the time, you can nevertheless provide them with treats to keep their spirits high.

There are a myriad of different things which will keep the kids happy on holiday, from sticker albums and magic painting books, to gadgets like tablets and the like.

  1. Make sure the little ones are safe

Perhaps the greatest stress for any parent travelling abroad with their little ones comes in the form of the potential danger their children face from finding themselves on foreign shores.

When trying to ensure safe travel with kids, it’s important to risk access. While you won’t be able to break everything down in minute detail, think about things like:

  • Their health
  • How much they’re eating
  • Exposure to the elements
  • Threat of drowning in pools or the sea

So long as you keep a watch over these basic factors, you should be able to guarantee there are no disasters on your next break.

  1. Book as early as you can

Make sure you book both flights and accommodation as early as possible if you want to avoid all stress upon arrival. The last thing you’ll want is to turn up at your destination to find you have to book a place which is miles away from the area you want to visit most.  Compare your prices and location descriptions on a site such as Hundredrooms  which compares holiday rentals from around the world, all in one place.

In busier seasons it may even be a case of you being unable to find somewhere to stay at all if you leave it late (having potentially already booked the flights). Don’t let this nightmare scenario play out.

How to avoid the holiday from hell when travelling with kids

  1. Plot a rough sketch of the trip

It’s always helpful to have a rough idea of what you’ll be doing when you arrive on holiday. While you don’t have to stick to your initial plans, knowing a basic path of attack for the coming week or so as soon as you land will make things easier when it comes to family trips.

If the kids start pestering you with questions about where you’re headed and when, you can at least give them an answer. Use online holiday planning tools to work out the basic outline of your holiday.

  1. Bring lots of snacks

Make sure you keep the family’s energy levels as high as possible by bringing along a number of healthy snacks for the kids (and adults) to chow down on during the day. These can range from carrot sticks to fruit bars. Remember not to make them too sugary, however.

Have these tips helped give you a better picture of how to avoid a holiday from hell with the kids? Take heed of the advice we’ve provided here and you’ll be in good stead for your next trip.

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Sam | North East Family Fun Travel Blog

Wednesday 29th of March 2017

Snacks are a must! My three are constantly asking to be fed and if they're fed, they tend not to moan which makes for a happier experience all round.

I completely agree about planning a rough itinerary but being open to change depending on weather/everyone's mood/tiredness levels/what time you wake up :-)

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