A Look At A Balcony Cabin On Odyssey of the Seas


Welcome aboard the magnificent Odyssey of the Seas, a ship designed to offer an unparalleled cruise experience. As we embark on our journey, we invite you to take a look at one of the ship’s most sought-after accommodations: the Balcony Cabin.

The Room Layout Of Our Room On Odyssey Of The Seas

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

We had 2 adjoining rooms which was perfect for us as we were able to unlock the adjoining cabin door and balcony divider. Thus giving us so much space but also with 2 bathrooms and lots of balcony space.

The layouts of the cabins vary, some with the sofa and vanity unit nearer the door and some with the sofa and vanity nearer the balcony. We have one of each and I much prefer the near the balcony layout, especially when I was doing my makeup and hair there was more natural light.

Storage Space In The Cabins

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

When I first saw the cabin layouts on the website I thought there would be no storage, the wardrobes looked so small. However there was so much storage we didn’t use it all. One wardrobe had double hanging space and so many coat hangers, there never normally seems to be enough coat hangers in a room does there? However there definitely was in our Odyssey of the Seas cabin. Of course it helped that there were only 2 of us in the cabin and the boys also had their own storage space.

The Bathroom

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

I adored the bathroom, when I first saw it I thought storage was limited but there was plenty of shelf space. Not only that the bathroom felt so spacious and the corner shower made it feel so much bigger with the curved door.

Odyssey Of The Seas Balconies

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

We had a standard balcony which were a good size, it had 2 chairs, footstools and a small side table. There was plenty of room to put your feet up and chill out for a little quiet time in the sun.

However the hump balcony was bigger as it was positioned on the hump of the ship. This is the bit where the ship sticks out thus giving you an extra triangle of space to bridge that gap.

Plug Sockets And USB Ports In The Rooms

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

Cabins on Odyssey of the Seas have European and US plug sockets. You will find one European plug on one side of the bed, plus 1 on the dressing table and 2 US plug sockets on the dressing table. There is also a hairdryer, if you have thinner or short hair its fine but was a little to slow for my thick naturally curly hair. If you have thick hair take your own hair dryer.

USB’S By The Beds

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

There are also 2 USB plugs on the dressing table and one on each bedside lamp. Some people do recommend taking an extension lead, however we really didn’t feel we needed one.

Our Cabin Attendant and Ironing Service

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

Our Cabin attendant was wonderful, our cabin was cleaned and turned down twice a day, with daily fresh towels. Also whilst you can’t take irons on a Royal Caribbean, nor do they have a customer laundry room, but you can send clothes to be ironed. There are 2 options regular which is next day and same day express but as a guide here are a few of the laundry prices on Odyssey of the Seas. The full laundry menus is also below.

Room Service In Your Odyssey Of The Seas Balcony Room

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

We have a full post on room service, however, here are the room service menus from Odyssey of the Seas. Breakfast is free, but you can upgrade to a cooked breakfast for $7.95 plus gratuity per cabin We had continental breakfast one morning and it was wonderful to sit on our balcony and enjoy breakfast.

You can also order meals to your room almost any time of day. We never ordered lunch or dinner however it is a great menu with lots of choice for $7.95 plus gratuities per cabin. However this is a great option for families with kiddies who want a chill night.

The Cruise Compass

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie.

The Cruise Compass with be left in your Odyssey Of The Seas Room every night, the first thing I did every morning was to head to our balcony and find out what was going on for the day ahead. I have included a copy from our last cruise, its a wonderful way to find out and plan any activities, dining, quizzes and shows for the day ahead.

But also port tips, the weather and whats open and where. Whilst the app is fabulous, these are handy to pop into your bag so you don’t miss anything when you arrive back from a day in port.

Our Thoughts On Our Odyssey Of The Seas Balcony Room

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie Cruising For All

They were fabulous, it really worked for us having 2 adjoining cabins, the colours are cool and contemporary and the extra space it gave us allowed us to really chill out and make the most of our cabins. Our boys are taller than us so 4 in a cabin would have felt too much.

The Inside Odyssey of the Seas, A Mega Ship At Sea

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising For All.

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