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5 Reasons to Visit St Mawes Castle, Cornwall with Kids

St Mawes Castle in Cornwall, managed by English Heritage kept three 5 year olds and a 2 year old, plus their Mums happy for a good couple of hours on a slightly damp Saturday morning in January.

It’s £5 for adults to get in and £3 for children over 5, although we were kindly granted entry by English Heritage.

Having visited a few Castles in my time I would suggest they vary as to whether they are interesting enough for the Under 5’s and it is often dependant on what is going on at the time.  When they are done well Castles can be really fun for younger children but sometimes they can be a little sign heavy with not enough thought given to children.

St Mawes Castle is interesting to kids for a number of reasons, and it isn’t dependant on an activity!

1. Its fantastic location looking out to sea.  I had countless comments from the girls about how people would have go to the Castle and who would have been coming? Where would they have got up from the boats? They were fascinated.

St Mawes Castle Cornwall with kids

2. There are loads of steps to run up and down and hills to climb! What more do you want when you are 5 or under.

St Mawes Castle Cornwall with kids

3. It’s mainly in tact and effort has been made to place ‘people’ where they would have sat so you can chat to your kids about what might have happened here.

St Mawes Castle Cornwall with kids

4. There are lots of holes and places to sit and hide from your parents!

St Mawes Castle Cornwall with kids

but mainly it’s about the Cannons!!

5. Cannons

St Mawes Castle is among the best-preserved of Henry VIII’s coastal artillery fortresses and there are cannons everywhere and the kids loved them!!  They spent ages climbing up on them, jumping around on them, re-enacting battles and generally just playing on them! A total hit!

St Mawes Castle Cornwall with kids

St Mawes Castle Cornwall with kids

St Mawes Castle Cornwall with kids

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St Mawes Castle Cornwall 5 Reasons to Visit with Kids !

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  1. 13th January 2017 at 11:55 am — Reply

    Certainly looks a great place to tire the kids out. Love the pictures with the cannons. We have never been to Cornwall as a family, and I loved following your recent trip x

  2. 14th January 2017 at 9:51 pm — Reply

    I used to love visiting castles when I was a child, but never went to this one – it looks great!

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