5 Favourite Travel Games for Kids

Favourite Travel Games

We love a travel game here at Mini Travellers HQ. We are away a lot and often need to pack a few small things in a small bag to entertain the kids.  I’ve put together a list of our favourite travel games for Kids to take away on holiday wherever that may be.  So in no particular order our top five:

1. Dobble

Dobble comes in a little tin.  It fits easily in a backpack and is perfect travel games for kids.

Inside the tin you find a thin pamphlet with the game’s rules on. The game could not be easier to learn. 55 cards that will have you laughing and frustrated at the same time. “Why can’t I see anything” is said a lot when we play it.

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If you take any two Dobble cards, you will see 8 symbols printed on each. A cat maybe, or a taxi or a clown’s face. Each card has different symbols on, but there will always be a matching pair of symbols, one on each card. The little cat on one card maybe. And the little cat on the other.  There will always be a matching symbol but sometimes you just can’t see it!

That’s it, now you know how to play Dobble!  It can be infuriating and hilarious at the same time and you can play it anywhere!


2. Story Cubes

9 Story Cubes in a little box, again small enough for travel. A different image on each face of each cube, you simply throw the cubes and make up a story from the pictures. Hours of fun! Here is my eldest playing it on holiday.

3. Name That

Name That is a quick thinking name game that comes in a handy tin so is perfect for holidays and travelling! It’s a game for all the family and for players of all abilities, there was some cards my four and five year olds couldn’t guess at such as historic figures or furniture beginning with an x but they could pretty much have a go at everything else! It is very simple to play: players pick up a card, read the category and then quickly think of a word that begins with the letter shown on the next card – the first player to call out a correct answer wins the card. The aim of the game is to try and win the most cards.

Name That

4. Bananagrams

The rules of Bananagrams are really simple.  The tiles are placed in a pile on a table, face down. Each player – there can be as few as two, as many as eight – takes about 15 or 20 tiles. Everyone turns his or her tiles face up at once and starts to make words, creating little  Scrabble type boards in front of them. As long as your words link up anything goes. When the first person uses all their tiles, they shout “Peel!” and everyone has to grab another letter, meaning you might get the “a” you really wanted to make a word, or you might get another ‘z’ and wondered where on earth you might put it.  With adults it is very quick moving, with children learning to write it is much slower, but fun all the same.

The winner is the first to use up all their tiles. The loser the last. It’s that simple. A perfect travel games for kids.

5. Spot the Lot

Part sketch book, part I Spy, Spot the Lot was brilliant on our holidays.  You can use the book at the airport, on the motorway, on the train. Children can colour in and count things they can actually see. They are also encouraged to draw what they see and make up their own scenes!

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