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5 Essentials to Consider for a Short Road Trip

5 Essentials to Consider for a Short Road Trip

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Going away for the weekend? It’s time to pack the suitcases! Of course, the size of your car may allow you to take lots of things ‘just in case’… But what if you’re travelling with family and you really need to use the space of your car boot carefully?

One thing not to forget is a spare for your summer tyres. Experts from share their 5 Essentials to Consider for a short road trip.

  1. Prepare a Packing List

Before writing the packing list, check the weather forecast for your destination and think about activities and events you will be involved in. Now that you have a list, think about non-essentials that can be struck off the list and actually do it – be ruthless. The same list will help you to repack your belongings again before setting off back.

2. Can you pack a Capsule Wardrobe!

Don’t try to stuff your entire wardrobe into the suitcase. Only take the clothes you are 100% sure you’ll wear during this short trip. Opt for the most multipurpose items that easily combine with each other. Practical shoes that match different outfits and are comfortable for wearing for a long time. Boring perhaps but a good idea.   If you need to take two pairs of footwear, pack the lighter pair and wear the heaviest one.

3. Small Amounts of Toiletries

Most people usually buy toiletries in big bottles, however taking them in their original packages isn’t wise. Buy trial or travel packages of your favourite toiletry products or use a travel set of containers to take small amounts of your home toiletries.

4. Use Sat Nav

If you can use a proper Sat Nav rather than your phone . Sat Nav’s have larger screens, sit in the correct position and don’t have distracting social media notifications.  TomTom do a range of Sat Nav’s but look out for Mini Travellers review of the TomTom Go 2500 after a road trip next week.

5. Take Car Essentials

If you are the one who drives the car, make sure you have some car essentials in the boot.  A tyre puncture kit (especially if your car doesn’t have run-flat tyres), a jack, and a set of tools. Inspect all 4 tyres and the spare and ensure they have no signs of excessive wear which can lead to tyre damage during the trip. If you are going to drive across different terrain that differs from the one you usually drive on, consider more suitable tyres (for example, off-road tyres or 4X4 tyres).

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Roman from RimsNdTires

Friday 26th of May 2017

Short trips up to 100-200 miles are the easiest. As for me - those are the usual weekend trips. Just have enough fuel, some water to drink and some money to buy food or other stuff. Have a rest! Happy holidays!

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