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4 Things to do in North Wales | Recommended by an 8 year old!

4 Things to do in North Wales | Recommended by an 8 year old!

All of my grandparents live in North Wales. When we go and visit my favourite things to do are:

 1. The Fforest Coaster

 The Fforest Coaster is a toboggan run, you sit in a cart (you can control how fast you go) and whizz along the track. Once when I went I did it with my god mother and my hat flew off my head because we were going too fast (my mum was upset, because it was her favourite hat.) That is not all you can do, you can also, bounce on massive trampolines that is hung up by the trees. The other thing you can do is zip-wire through the forest which is where there are platforms on the trees with wires that connect them to each tree, it is an amazing experience!

 1. The Fforest Coaster

 2. Rhosneigr (where my Granna lives with her dog Fleurie)

 Another place I love to go too is Rhosneigr.  I love it there because it is a chance to see all the people that I don’t see that often like my cousins, Harry and Rosie who live in Oxford and my other set of cousins who live in Switzerland Alice and Zoe. There also lots of other people that live in Manchester and London, like Rosa Louis and Eve, Freddie and Jack and Phoebe and George. The thing I enjoy doing the most is playing with Granna’s dog Fleurie on the beach and throwing a ball for her. A recommended place to hang out  is The Sandy Mount  House a big black building with a beautiful garden at the back. Two of my favourit memories that I have from Rhosneigr are going on big Harry’s speed boat, and when all of my cousins and me sat on the paddle boards and our parents pulled us to an island called starvation. I love Rhosneigr!

2. Rhosneigr

3.  Dylan’s

A nice place to eat in North Wales is Dylan’s a seafood restaurant. They don’t just do seafood they do pizza and taco’s and stuff like that. Normally we go to the one in Menai bridge and there is a big window that you can see the Menai straits  through and people are sailing down there.


4.  Harlech (where my Nana and Gramps live)

I love Harlech because it has an amazing castle and there is an amazing ice cream shop that does fabulous, home-made ice creams. The great thing about were Nana and Gramps live is that all you have to do is walk down some steps and then you are at the beach. On a hot sunny day we love to go down the slippy slide as the garden in Harlech is perfect for it.

I hope you enjoyed learning about North Wales!!!!!

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