12 Easy Camping Recipes

Delicious Camping Recipes

When we head off in our caravan I like to be prepared and make sure I do the shop in advance. I tend to stick to the same things that I know will transport and keep well. But it is a bit predictable and our BBQ lacks a little originality.

So we put the word out that we were looking for some delicious and easy camping meals to revamp our campsite cuisine. The response was great so we’ve rounded up a dozen of the best camping recipes to inspire you in this post!

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1. Campfire Salmon

Cook up a dish that would impress any fish fan with TrulyMadlyKids luxurious Campfire Salmon made in the BBQ.

Delicious Camping Recipes

Camping Paella

This recipe for Camping Paella was introduced to me by The Twinkle Diaries on a fabulously lovely camping weekend in June 2019 and very easy to make on a camping stove.

2. Zesty Lemon Spaghetti

For something a little bit different, why not try this funky new recipe from Otisandus? Zesty Lemon Spaghetti is an easy camping recipe to make on a camping stove.

Delicious camping recipes
Delicious camping recipes

3. Curried Sweet Potato And Brown Lentils With Mushrooms

This hearty vegan curry has been shared with us by CaptainBobcat and it only uses one pan! A super easy camping recipe.

Delicious Camping Recipes

4. Kebabs with chorizo, red onions and peppers

This yummy kebab recipe from KippersandCurtains uses chorizo instead of fresh meat so its great if you haven’t got a fridge to store meat in.

Delicious Camping Recipes

5. Artisan Pizza -Easy Campfire recipe

Yes you are reading that correctly, PackthePJs has come up with this super Artisan Pizza recipe that you can make on a BBQ with the help of a pizza stone.

Delicious Camping Recipes

6. Campstove Curry

A nice easy curry and rice dish made on a camping stove. Lianne from AnklebitersAdventures tells us:

“We love a camp stove curry just chicken and a jar of sauce as it makes it much easier. We then use some boil in the bag rice too and job done!”

Maria from OneTinyLeap also votes for a good curry as an easy camping recipe.

“We always do a curry – easy to do different spice levels, and cater to vegetarian and vegans in the group. Poppadoms, onion bhajis, chutneys and parathas as a side.”

Delicious Camping Recipes

7. Witches Stew

Jade from MummiesWaiting tells us about their favourite recipe Witches Stew!

“We love witches stew! It’s bacon, sausages, baked beans and tinned tomatoes all thrown in a sauce pan and cooked. At the end we mix a bit of worchestershire sauce in and serve with a bap. It’s on our list because it’s so easy to make so perfect for the day you get there when you are tired from setting up.”

Delicious Camping Recipes

8. Freshly Caught Crayfish

Laura from the BreastestNews has a great idea for using freshly caught crayfish.

“We love a good easy camping recipe. We’re lucky where we camp in Scotland there’s a clean river nearby with crayfish. We hunt them in nets or by hand then cook up for a tasty dinner. I use a small camp stove and camping pot. Use the left over water to boil some rice and it tastes delicious.”

Delicious Camping Recipes

9. Cowboy Beans

Rachel from MarvellousMrsP has a great easy camping recipe to make ahead of your trip for a super easy and tasty dish.

“These are the ingredients for Cowboy Beans. We just add sausages. Cook ahead of time and freeze- then all you need to do is defrost and warm up on a camping stove. Delicious!”

Delicious Camping Recipes

10. Damper Sausages

Emma from BubbaBlueandMe has loads of ideas for easy camping recipes for kids. We love this idea. Here’s what she said about it:

“We like damper sausages for a quick light meal. You make a basic dough, wrap around frankfurters on a stick and grill. The kids in our camping group went mad for them.”

Delicious Camping Recipes

11. Tomato and Bacon Risotto

Emma from HappyFamilyHub has a great way to cook up a simple risotto whilst outdoors. Here’s what she told us:

“There’s nothing better than eating outdoors in the fresh air! We love getting some risotto rice, flavoured with a bit of tomato and serving with freshly fried bacon. For afters, you can’t beat toasted marshmallows. Delicious!”

Delicious Camping Recipes

12. Soups

Whether it’s tinned, fresh or even powdered, soup has got to be on every campers shopping list. Jaymee from TheMumDiaries agrees with us.

“Nothing beats soup! Especially in the colder evenings.”

Delicious Camping Recipes

Recipe for cooking Paella when camping coming soon!

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12 Delicious Camping Recipes
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